AIS will get you out of a tight spot before it is too late.



Imagine not having to worry about collisions with ships.

imagine being able to sail across open sea, without a care in the world.

Imagine being able to sleep 6 or more hours straight, while single handed.

Aisdigital has the solution for Windows and Android

*  Having the Aisdigital Dual Channel AIS Receiver connected to your laptop will give you this piece of mind.
*  In conjunction with your nav program, it will sound an alarm, day or night, rain or shine, when a ship is within 25NM.
*   AIS is not affected by weather, or physical objects, like an island or a headland, between you and a ship.
*   The USB receiver gives you plenty time to get out of harm's way.
*   If a ship does 30Kn and you do 5, approaching each other, the alarm sounds 40 minutes before the collision occurs.



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